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The Marblehead Urban Forestry and Landscaping Donation Fund was created in June 2021 by the Marblehead Recreation & Parks Department in collaboration with Sustainable Marblehead’s Town Trees and Urban Forestry Working Group


With a noticeable number of Marblehead trees and shrubs dying due to age and climate issues, concerned citizens are eager to support new landscaping projects because increasing trees, shrubs, and green spaces provide beauty and shade while reducing heat loads, carbon, air pollution, and storm runoff. In addition, citizens want to recognize important people and organizations in their lives through the planting of additional green spaces. Sustainable Marblehead approached Chip Osborne, former Commission Chair of Marblehead’s Recreation & Parks Department, to explore a collaboration to make it easy for Marblehead residents and businesses to support the ongoing beautification of our town. As a result of that collaboration, we are proud to introduce this Recreation & Parks donation fund to give the Marblehead community an opportunity to support landscaping projects with native tree and shrub plantings on our parks and school grounds.


Visit this resource to learn why native plants are important and benefit wildlife and the environment. Resource suggested by the Sustainable Marblehead Conservation group.


Curious where to purchase native plants? Start here.

Community Kitchen Garden

Make your Donation Count

The landscaping projects offered here supplement the care and maintenance of the Town’s parks, athletic fields, and recreational areas overseen by the Marblehead Recreation & Parks Department annually. All donations may be made in recognition of a person or organization. Donors have three choices for supporting these projects: 

  • Donating to an existing project; 

  • Requesting a new park or school planting project for a significant donation through an application form; and 

  • Giving a general donation that will be applied to the project in most need of funding. Note: the General Donation would not result in plaque recognition.

Donors to the Marblehead Urban Forestry and Landscaping Fund can be assured that the selected plantings will be appropriate for our climate and for the space they will inhabit. We are committed to the planting and proper maintenance of appropriate, native, and low-maintenance trees, and shrubs for Marblehead’s parks and school properties. Have more questions? Contact

Projects in Need of Funding 

Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 3.50.48 PM.png
MapleLaFayette 2 (002).jpg

Judy and Gene Jacobi Community Center

Home to both the Marblehead Recreation & Parks Department and the Marblehead Council on Aging. This project will continue the planting work already done, adding garden beds along Humphrey Street with native plants that are particularly important to pollinators.

Project Budget: $12,000

Donations to date: $0

Remaining Available: $12,000

Chandler Hovey Park

Beautify and enhance the wonderful granite marker at the entrance of the historic Chandler Hovey Park--home to the light tower and the oil house-- by adding low-maintenance native shrubs around the sign. We have met our fundraising goal and look forward to integrating the native planting into the natural environment. 

Project Budget: $5,415

Donations to date: $5,415

Remaining Available: $0

Gatchell's  Green

Gatchell’s Green is the first Town property that one sees when coming in from Lafayette Street. It is 1.4 acres of adapted grasses, shrubs, and trees. The goal is to revitalize this property by installing a fence, removing old shrubbery, pruning, and adding native plants.

Project Budget: $30,000

Donations to date: $0

Remaining Available: $30,000

Other Ways to Get Involved

Request a New Project

If you would like to make a request for a specific project beyond the ones listed in order to recognize a person or organization, please fill out the form on the next page with your proposal and funding. 

Make a General Donation

Support the ongoing and developing projects by donating to to the group at large. Your donation will be applied to projects as needed and always appreciated.

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