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To make a donation please download and complete the donation form, then mail or bring the printed form and a check to the Town of Marblehead Recreation & Parks Department. Marblehead Landscape Donation Fund was established in June 2021 by the Marblehead Recreation & Parks Department in collaboration with Sustainable Marblehead.



The check should be written to:

Payable: Town of Marblehead

Memo: Landscape Donation Fund

Mail or bring the check and your printed form to:

Marblehead Recreation & Parks Department

Landscape Donation Fund

Judy & Gene Jacobi Community Center

10 Humphrey Street

Marblehead, MA 01945

Please note, for any of the projects, recognition will be part of/built into the cost. Recognition can be in memory of someone or in acknowledgment of someone. Recognition will be made with an inground granite marker that will be engraved. There are specific guidelines for the marker and the engraving, including font and size.

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