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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a tree to be planted?

When you make a donation to a particular project there will be site-dependent options for trees, shrubs, landscaping, perhaps fencing, and other special plantings. There are very few locations within Marblehead’s parks for trees since our open place sites might be close to playing fields (inappropriate shading) or close to the ocean (salt and poor soil conditions).  You should expect to have a conversation with the Recreation & Parks Commission and Supervisor about options you’d like and what they can offer. Marblehead Recreation & Parks will have options for native species of trees, shrubs, and plantings to discuss with you.


Can I request a specific location for planting?

Always expect to engage the Recreation & Parks Commission and Supervisor on your ideas to learn about options for planting locations. These would include not only location but kinds of planting (tree, shrub, pollinator garden, etc) that might work for you needs.


How will my donation be recognized?

All donations will be followed by a letter recognizing the donation amount, date, and details as necessary. In the case of donations from someone/organization recognizing a person(s) or organization at a particular location, the Recreation & Parks Department will install a plaque stating  who the donation was from and to whom/what it was donated. For example, an organization wishes to donate $1000 to create a pollinator site at the Jacobi Community Center project in the name of a former president of their organization. The marker placed at the site will have that detail.


How will the plantings be maintained?

The primary goal of the Recreation & Parks Department effort will be to work with qualified landscape architects and designers to select native species that will be appropriate and hardy for specific areas and which will not require significant maintenance after the first two establishment years – "Right Plant, Right Size, Right Place." This will be part of the planning conversation they will have with you if you have specific requirements for your donation.


In addition, as part of a specific named donation, a portion of the donation will be set aside to buy the marker/plaque and a portion for plant replacement if there is a problem with the planting in the future. This bucket of money along with general, unspecified donations, will ensure that plantings are properly established and cared for appropriately.

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